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Heather’s treatment approach is to discover each person’s strengths and use those strengths to initiate the change that is required for the client to have the fulfilling life they are seeking. She uses a variety of techniques such as CBT, EMDR, existential therapy and person centered therapy.

Heather is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who earned her degree from South University. She has worked in a variety of environments treating all spectrums of mental illness. She enjoys watching her clients change through the therapeutic process.

Heather has a strong history of working with trauma, and PTSD. She is a trained EMDR therapist. She prefers this technique because it is not about reliving the past. Clients change their relationship to the trauma and reduce their emotional response to the trauma through the EMDR process. While dealing with trauma is uncomfortable there is no reason to continue to suffer from the past event. She has a caring and empathetic approach that is non-judgmental and will help the healing process.

Heather has grown up in the LGBTQ community and has a long history of supporting LGBTQ rights. She has experience with the unique issues that come about in relationships and life circumstances for those in the community. She works with couples who want a more fulfilling relationship.

Heather has worked with many couples to improve fulfillment in relationship.  If you and your partner are struggling with communication, she has an empathetic approach to help improve argument styles to preserve the relationship rather than tear each other down.

If you are looking for a compassionate, nonjudgmental environment to tackle life’s challenges, let Heather join with you to achieve your goals of change.

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